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Welcome | We Are Drone Service Plus


Our New Jersey based store specialise in repair work on most drones on the market as well as home built DIY style. We use OEM parts and get repairs done as fast as week can based on workload.


Need aerial services? We can provide mapping, inspections, photography and aerial video.  With 35+ years of flying experience we can get the job done and with quality and safety always at the forefront.


We have a hobbyshop and offer drone parts, kits and other supplies.


With years of R/C experience, Drone Service Plus has been building and flying multi-rotors longer than most in the field.  We started out designing and building before multirotors were available mainstream. With so many people getting and wanting to get into this hobby the need for help is prevalent and very much needed. We are here to help you be the safest pilot and proficient building you can be.


Custom Building

Custom Building

We offer custom building of drones, design work in house, cnc cutting and machining as well as 3d printed parts. If you need any help with a design we can help.

Drone Repair

Drone Repair

We can fix your drone, we work on almost every brand on the market, we fix it right the first time.



We offer many hobby products and replacement parts in our onsite hobbyshop.

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Drone Repair

Not the ``first`` but we are the Best!

schoolOur instructors are R/C pilots who have years of experience in building and flying. From the giant scale to the smaller crafts, when it comes to multirotors we design and built them from the ground up. In addition to running a successful aerial photography company (Skyvueap) New Jersey Drone School has the flight training experience to take you to whatever level you want. Our school takes a personal interest in all students’ flying & building success. It is our passion to see you succeed.

We Focus on how to Build, Control, & Program a Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s (UAV). Along with the Hobby and Recreational purposes, UAV operations are about to be integrated into US airspace by the FAA, and have a major commercial impact.

The potential commercial uses of UAV are enormous, to include remote sensing of the atmosphere, disaster response, weather forecasting, scientific research; agricultural survey of crops, soils, and livestock; crop dusting, wildfire surveillance, wildlife surveys, power line and pipeline survey, industrial security; oil, gas, and mineral exploration; payload transport, search and rescue, and aerial photography for fields like real estate, construction, film and entertainment industry, and accident investigation.

We use nothing but QUALITY equipment for teaching. Through your course of instruction, you’ll learn skills that will ultimately help you continue in the hobby on a professional level without missing a beat.

Give us a call or stop on by and lets talk about getting you the training to get out there and enjoy this great hobby of Drone flying!


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